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Red 1991 Trofeo and a Red 1992 Trofeo
If you are looking for the most knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with part recyclers of the great last era of Toronados and Trofeos... you are visiting the right site!

After owning my first E-body in 1996, I have been avidly collecting these cars for the past 16 years to help fill my needs and yours.  Currently, I own between 7-12 of these great cars and have a great knowledge of all things Toronado and Trofeo. 

I encourage you to learn more about me, visit my cars, buy in-stock inventory, or browse to my other colleagues' websites. If you have any questions or comments, please send me an e-mail.
We're On Facebook! Learn more about our Toronado's, blog with other owners and post pictures of your car today!

8234 NW Bradford Ct, Kansas City, MO 64151

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